Investment agreements

  1. General rules
    1. The administration of the project “Spm-Groups” has created present investment agreements for functioning and using this service;
    2. Each participant has to read and accept with these agreements before passing the registration in the project;
    3. The administration can change or add these agreements in unilaterally without any special notice.
  2. About the project
    1. “Spm-Groups” is online resource. The web site at http://spm-groups.com ;
    2. The project runs on the principle of fund’s redistribution that made by participants. External financial injections are made only at the expense of the main activity of the company “Spm-Groups”.
  3. Registration
    1. Registration into the web site https://spm-groups.com/registration/;
    2. Participants who have reached the age of majority can take part at this project;
    3. A participant can create several accounts if they will not be connecting by the referral link from any of your personal accounts. Otherwise, the administration blocks all your personal accounts without recovery.
  4. Creating the deposit
    1. A participant may create one or more deposits of investment plans;
    2. Amount of the deposit is regulated by tariffs;
    3. Amount of the withdrawal from $0.1. Withdrawals are unlimited;
    4. There are several Payment systems, such as PAYEER, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, QIWI.
  5. Payouts
    1. The accrual of interests on deposit are made to your account in the terms stipulated in the investment portfolio;
    2. Funds became available for withdrawal with part of the deposit after charging;
    3. Payments are made in the shortest terms from the moment of creation of the application on payment systems QIWI. On other systems the payments are made automatically and immediately.
  6. Referral and representative programs
    1. Every participant can take part at the referral program of the project and get referral profit from each deposit;
    2. Participation in the referral program gives you an opportunity to have own deposits in the project or in their absence;
    3. Also, each participant may apply for participation in the representative program. The terms and conditions of participation indicated on the appropriate page in your personal account.
  7. Risks and responsibility
    1. The administration ensures proper functioning of the website and scripts, but does not guarantee continuously access to the project’s website. Access can be restricted at the time of technical works.
    2. The administration does not bear the responsibility for all possible risks incurred by participant or other person as a result of taking part at the project;
    3. A participant independently agrees to bear all risks in the project, including the risks of loosing funds.
  8. Conclusion
    1. The present rules are an agreement between a participant and the administration of the project;
    2. The present investment agreement enters into the force to a participant since passing the registration at the website of the project;
    3. If some rules of this provisions will not will not be valid, all other agreement’s provisions remain in full force and effect.